Smelly AC? We Have The Solution!

Have you ever wondered why your vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) always has a bad smell when you first start it up?  Has it been bothering you or even prevented you from using the air conditioning at times?  The main reason why your air conditioning system smells is due to mould and mildew built-up in the […]

Detailing, Maintenance

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating or also known as nano coating on the automotive market is a liquid serum that hardens into a solid form once it’s applied and cured on to the paint work of a vehicle.  The purpose of this coating is to protect the paint surfaces and enhance the appearance of the paint’s gloss and […]

Paint Protection

What is a Clay Bar?

In the automotive detailing, a clay bar is used to remove surface contaminants from paint, glass, and metal.  Clay bars are very flexible and mold-able, as they appear just like natural clay.  They come in both natural and synthetic forms, but most clay bars on the market currently are made with synthetic materials.  The flexibility […]

Paint Protection

What is ECU Tuning?

In modern vehicles, majority of them comes with a computer that manages the variables of the engine and other mechanical components.  ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the core of how the engine runs, which acts as the brain of the engine. Adjustments to different variables of the engine is directly related to the engines performance, […]

ECU Tuning, Performance

What Is Paint Protection Film?

In today’s market, paint protection film (PPF), or often referred as “Clear Bra” has become a popular technology that protects painted surfaces of a new or used vehicle.  Many films in the market are thermoplastic urethane and feature a “self-healing” effect which are used to prevent rock chips, bug splatters, tree saps, and most importantly […]

Paint Protection

Expanding Our Service Offerings: XPEL Vision Home & Business Window Film

We have been certified by XPEL and expanded our service offerings to Home & Business Window films! As window film and vehicle paint protection film share many similar install techniques and equipment, it only made sense for us to expand our services and offer more to our clients. To do so, we cannot just add […]


How SPL Is Dealing With COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to take time to explain some of the changes happening at Speed Projects Lab and how we are dealing with the outbreak. We are definitely taking this seriously and doing our part as a business to keep our team and clients dropping off their vehicle safe and […]

Public Announcements

New Self Heal Nano Ceramic Coating Alternative: Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating

At Speed Projects Lab, we constantly look for new products to offer to our clients. As technology is advancing, we are able to source and become certified for one of the best performing Self Heal nano ceramic coatings in the market – Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating. Below is an excerpt from the About Us […]

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EXO Shield Certification at NanoDefense. Protecting Your Windshield With 6x More Impact Resistance & Costly Repairs

In July, we sent our lead installer over to NanoDefense in Calgary – EXO Shield’s designated training facility in Western Canada to get certified. Over the certification course, our lead installer was tested with a variety of cars and has proven success in installing the revolutionary ExoShield Windshield protecion. More information on this ExoShield can […]

Paint Protection

0% Interest Financing Now Available Now at Speed Projects Laboratory!

?We Now Offer [0% Interest*] Financing Programs? No better time to get your car Paint Protection or Performance Upgrades at a very affordable low monthly payment!!! 12 months, 18 months, 24 months programs available. We are certified installers for…XPEL self-healing paint protection filmCeramicPro nanoceramic coatingSlipLo Canada / Drscrape universal skid plate protection We are authorized dealers for…– ECU Tuning Group Vancouver / ECU […]


WAGNER TUNING Performance Intercoolers, Intake Manifolds, Exhaust Manifolds & Downpipes

Speed Projects Lab is officially a Master Dealer in Canada for Wagner Tuning Performance parts! “Since 2002 Wagner Tuning has been developing and producing high quality engine parts, such as intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, downpipes and Intercooler kits. Recent technology advancements coupled with years of experience ensure optimum performance and highest manufacturing precision for our […]

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