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A natural born leader in the world of performance

The PowerControl, a name given to our entire family of high performance ‘Plug & Play’ tuning systems, are our main line of business. They are available for cars, SUV’s, trucks, tractors and boats.

PowerControl stands for:

 Vehicle specific power increase ✓
› Available for more than 10,000 vehicles ✓
› Dyno tested for proven results ✓
› TUV parts certificates for more than 3300 vehicles ✓
› Peace of mind with the latest tuning technologies ✓
› Easy to install with vehicle specific instructions ✓

Like to know more about performance car chips? Then check out the video!

Quality and Innovation

DTE’s performance tuning systems are always on the cutting edge of technology. The systems come complete with vehicle specific wiring looms, engine specific software programs and detailed, easy to follow step by step fitting instructions, making DIY installation a cinch!

› Reinforced Fiberglass housing
Our newly developed reinforced fiberglass housings are designed to perform safely and reliability, even in high heat environments, thus ensuring outstanding product longevity.

› Electronic keypad
The multicolour LED’s let you know which program and power level the PowerControl is on, which can be changed using the keypad’s control panel*, allowing you perfect performance control.

› Ultra-high-speed processor
The integrated high-performance processor works with reference variable modifications and automatic signal speed adjustments.

› Epoxy resin seal
The circuitry and PC board are completely enclosed in epoxy resin which ensures excellent resistance to wear and tear and also helps protect them against water damage.

› Thermal management system
The intelligent thermal management system ensures low chip temperatures through optimized heat dissipation characteristics.

*not in connection with a part approval


Benefits at a glance

The benefits of DTE’s PowerControl performance system for your vehicle.

  • Easy to plug in and out before servicing
  • Developed, tried and tested on a dyno
  • Parts certificates available for more than 3300 vehicles
  • Includes 2 year warranty on the engine, ECU and differential(coming soon to SA)
  • Includes a 5 year software update service on all DTE’s products

DTE’s PedalBox

Premiere: The PedalBox+ and all its new features

To improve the responsiveness of modern vehicles, DTE Systems have developed the PedalBox, a plug & play device that is connected to the accelerator’s electronics. This accelerator tuning system improves the response in all vehicles that have an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox+ the tuning system is now also available for digital accelerators with modern SENT technology – a world’s 1st.

This is how the PedalBox+ works:

The accelerator tuning optimizes the reaction time of modern vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox, the vehicle reacts much faster to incoming signals from the accelerator pedal.

With an improved throttle response, the driver can speed up and overtake more easily. No more delays in acceleration.

These are the new features of the new PedalBox+:

Multi Protocol Technology
With its new multi-protocol technology, the PedalBox+ is also available for digital accelerators with modern SENT technology.

  • Suitable for digital and analogue accelerator pedals
  • For all vehicles with modern accelerator technology
  • Compatible with SENT accelerator pedals


PerfecTune – Custom tuning for everyone
For a perfect tuning result, the PedalBox+ can be automatically customised to each individual vehicle. With PerfecTune, all programs will adapt perfectly to your vehicle.

  • Automatic custom tuning for your own vehicle with the PedalBox+
  • The precise set-up for all programs, perfectly suited to your car’s characteristics
  • PerfecTune is activated in 3 easy steps


Latest DSP technology for even more precision
The very latest high-performance microprocessors with fast and accurate signal transmission capabilities ensure the perfect tuning result.

  • Faster and more precise signal transmission
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real-time high-performance microprocessors

Experience the PedalBox yourself: Pure driving fun
The PedalBox+ from DTE ensures acceleration free of any delay for all modern vehicles. Quickly installed, the driving fun can start immediately.

DTE Tuning-Technology

More performance, guarantied

The PowerControl gets installed in the engine compartment and is connected to several of the main engine sensors. The ECU transmits the standard signals to the engine, which is where the PowerControl intercepts, interprets, processes, optimizes and then sends them on to the engine, all in real time. Using the latest tuning technologies, DTE is able to precisely tune these signals for the best performance throughout the rev range.


› Multi-Map Technology

Tuning for every sensor.

DTE have developed a multi-map tuning technology which can optimise up to five different channels, all in real time.

Whether it be common rail pressure, boost pressure, turbo pressure, intake manifold pressure or air mass volume, DTE’s PowerControl is able to control them all. Even the latest generation and most technically demanding engines are effortlessly controlled, all within a multi-dimensional multi-map environment. The driver is able to select from 3 different programs: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency.

› Compatible with Diesel particulate filters

Clean Power.

Another advantage of the Multi-Map Technology is that it conforms with the vehicles legal predetermined emission values. Combusted fuel efficiency is 100% throughout the rev range by the PowerControl which means it can safely be used on vehicles with DPF’s. Its compliance with the vehicles emission values can be confirmed in its TUV parts certification.

› Adaptive Sensor System

Intelligent performance increase on driver’s command.

The Adaptive Sensor System scrutinizes all the relevant engine data and after detecting its respective load state, will provide more power when necessary. Should the driver demand more power, for example, when overtaking, the system will automatically switch on. If the additional power is not used, the system will gradually reduce the power, all power changes are seamless and dynamic.

Not only are the best performance yields based on engine load state but also on road speeds, that’s what DTE’s adaptive tuning technology offers, more power with less fuel usage.

› Auto-Adjust-Function

Adjusts automatically to driving behavior.

This innovation allows DTE’s tuning products to ‘learn’ the unique characteristics of your vehicle. During a short setup period, the chips memory function records the engines injection cycle data and optimises the reloaded maps accordingly. Standard vehicle tolerances are taken into account and an optimal tune is achieved – all without any complicated driver input.

› Engine Protect+

Added safety and protection for your car.

A whole new range of new safety standards are introduced with DTE’s new Engine Protect+ feature. This function has the important task of continually monitoring the ECU’s signals to the engine and safeguarding them against any overloads. The protective functions of the ECU as well as air fuel ratios remain intact and within specification, ensuring complete peace of mind.

› Multi-Protocol-Technology

A milestone in engine tuning.

This newly developed multi-protocol tuning technology in the SNT PowerControl combines both analog and digital ECU technologies. Digital SENT signals are recorded and optimised by the SNT PowerControl while at the same time capturing important analog signals from the ECU. Our SNT PowerControl is a real milestone in the performance industry and a world first, only from DTE.

Germany’s leading manufacturer of performance and gas pedal chiptuning

DTE Systems GmbH develops, produces and sells performance tuning for cars, trucks and tractors. With the chiptuning product PowerControl for cars, the engine performance is increased by 25 to 30% while with the PowerControl PDX for trucks lesser fuel consumption of about 12% can be achieved. A second DTE product line is the PedalBox: the gas pedal tuning for all passenger cars with an electronic accelerator. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement in acceleration by approximately 10%.

Milestones of DTE Systems

In 1996, Patrick van Drunen laid the foundation for a successful business: the tuning technician called the DTE Systems GmbH to life and started with an initial production of chiptuning modules. Within a few years, the customer base, the team and the production grew rapidly. In 2003, van Drunen merged the departments development and production in the modern business park Recklinghausen Ortloh. Ten years later, 2013, the company moved into the highly modern business and production building at the Maria-von-Linden-Street and thereby unite the departments development, manufacturing and logistics under one roof. DTE developed an efficient spatial concept that combines workflow and customer needs in a modern way. And with the dynamometer from MAHA and three assembly stations DTE is able to serve its customers ideally. Thanks to an in-house cable manufacturing and module production, all customers can rely on a quick production process, enabling DTE to stay flexible fulfilling the highest quality standards.

Internationally, DTE continues to expand since its foundation: through a strong dealer network DTE products are currently represented on four continents in 62 countries.

Ask Us For A Quote!

On most PowerControl units and PedalBoxes, we can install and remove free of charge (one time each). Send us an email with your vehicle’s year, make, model, engine size, stock horsepower/torque (if you know it) and we can provide you with a quotation!

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