SLIPLO (Canada) Universal Skid Plate | Protect your car from sharp driveways

Tired of Your Car’s Bumper Looking Like This?

Lamborghini Aventador Bumper Scrape Damage

Benley GT Bumper Scrape Damage


SLIPLO is an amazing new product made of the same tough material used on snowplow blades. With NO drilling and NO damage to the paint, SLIPLO molds to the underside of your car like a fine leather glove. Attached using 3M double sided adhesive to your new car’s bumper. That means No holes to drill, No riveting, No liquid adhesives to cure, No weld distortion, No clean up and Completely Reversible.



SLIPLO’s PROPRIETARY POLYURETHANE formulation has been specially formulated for maximum cold temperature flexibility, excellent wear performance, high tear strength, and excellent hydrolysis resistance.

Each unit features a functional beveled edge to enhance the aerodynamic properties while giving a smooth factory looking finish. The shiny gloss black color is designed to naturally blend in with your existing body color.

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