March 7, 2019

SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate

Speed Projects Lab is now the official Canadian distributor for SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate. This revolutionary simple yet practical product can save you thousands of dollars on bumper repairs or bumper/front lip replacements.


With cars that are lower to the ground, it is often very challenging to drive on uneven roads, steep driveways, or simply roads with lots of pot holes without scraping or damaging the front part of your bumper.

Below are some of the common damages from bumpers that are unprotected and ended up with a hefty repair bill.

THE SOLUTION: SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate Protector

SLIPLO is an amazing new product made of the same tough material used on snowplow blades. With NO drilling and NO damage to the paint, SLIPLO molds to the underside of your car like a fine leather glove.

SLIPLO attaches using TOUGH AS NAIL 3M double sided adhesive to your new car’s bumper. That means No holes to drill, no riveting, no liquid adhesives to cure, no weld distortion, no clean up.

Inquire with us to get a quote on how we can protect your vehicle from skid plate damages or visit our SLIPLO section for more information!

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