August 20, 2019

EXO Shield Certification at NanoDefense. Protecting Your Windshield With 6x More Impact Resistance & Costly Repairs

In July, we sent our lead installer over to NanoDefense in Calgary – EXO Shield’s designated training facility in Western Canada to get certified. Over the certification course, our lead installer was tested with a variety of cars and has proven success in installing the revolutionary ExoShield Windshield protecion. More information on this ExoShield can be found at our website here

EXO Shield At A Glance

Razor Thin & Completely Transparent – ExoShield is a nanocomposite film that is both shock absorbing and scratch-resistant.
Prevent Expensive Windshield Replacements – Get peace of mind with a windshield that is 6 times less likely to break with ExoShield installed
Keeping The Heat Out – 99.9% UV Rejection
Eco Friendly – Installing ExoShield limits GHG emissions and reduces unnecessary landfill waste.

Watch the Demo Video from EXO Shield

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