November 13, 2019

New Self Heal Nano Ceramic Coating Alternative: Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating

At Speed Projects Lab, we constantly look for new products to offer to our clients. As technology is advancing, we are able to source and become certified for one of the best performing Self Heal nano ceramic coatings in the market – Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating.

Below is an excerpt from the About Us Page of Revivify Canada’s website on their coating technology.

REVIVIfy Self Heal Coating is a revolutionary new generation of hand applied, heat activated, state-of-the-art nanotechnology coating with self-healing properties.

Adopting new organic and inorganic decazane materials which are used in three technological industries: high temperature resistance in aerospace, salt corrosion resistance in water crafts/maritime vessels; and strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance in semiconductors. With over 30 years of OEM paint technology experience, REVIVIfy integrates the best from the OEM paint formula to the vehicle paint protection industry. Our advanced formula and superior bonding strength of REVIVIfy can be applied to most surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. Compared to conventional SI02/SiC ceramic coatings, REVIVIfy is 3X stronger against UV, corrosion, and oxidation. From the extended years of experience in formulating OEM vehicle paint, integrating the world’s R&D in conventional ceramic coating (self-heal and non-self-heal) and application methods, REVIVIfy truly developed a heat activated self healing ceramic coating serum that has properties of being ultra gloss and ultra hydrophobic effect. 

Revivify Canada About Us Page

And of course, we would not offer any product or services without trying it out ourselves. So here is some demo videos that we’ve put together.

This coating is not to replace our existing CeramicPRO nano ceramic coating offering but instead, to offer an alternate Self Heal ceramic coating option at a very affordable price starting at $599!

For more Package and Pricing information, head on over to here – Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating

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